Ikebana international
St. petersburg - chapter 65
Welcome to st. petersburg

Hiroko Borish-sensei’s original Sumi-e


The objectives of this chapter shall be to stimulate, cultivate and perpetuate the study of Ikebana, related arts and culture, by demonstrations and public exhibitions, and to strengthen relationships among all people through the adopted motto:

“In Friendship Through Flowers.”

Dear Flower Friends,

It is a great pleasure to be president of Ikebana International Chapter 65 in St. Petersburg where I have met the most talented and inspiring group of members. Some have been members for over 40 years. Some of them have passed and left us with their beautiful legacy in sharing their knowledge of the Japanese culture.

Time marches on and the only thing that stays the same is that “everything changes.” Our new ikebana year holds the promise of new adventures with our theme of “Bending Branches.” We will reflect on the contemporary world condition and consider the changing environment of land, air and water through states of contrast or harmony.

The format at our meetings will consist of performances using moderators, music and tones that will create a calm and meditative atmosphere for all. Performances will come before the general meeting which is most certainly a new approach and change of order.

I invite you all to share in this new experience and enjoy making new friends and learning new techniques in the art of ikebana.

In Friendship Through Flowers,

Kathy LaDuke, President

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