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Ruth and Betcinda

St. Pete Beach Library DisplayRuth Philipon  and Betcinda, the Head Librarian at the St. Pete Beach Library are pictured next to the display case housing many items related to Ikebana and Japanese culture.  This is just one of many outreach activities our members do in the community, quietly promoting the goals of our Chapter. 

.…”to stimulate, cultivate, and perpetuate the study of ikebana, and related arts and culture throughout the world.”


April 17, 2019: Our very own Muriel Scrivner, Senior Professor of the Ikenobo School has been invited to provide a Demonstration for the Boston Chapter #17! The flyer detailing this event is here. Unfortunately, it appears upside down and we aren’t able to change that.  But you can right click and select rotate to get it upright.   If we’re able to get pictures, we’ll post them right here for your enjoyment!



Art in Bloom !  The annual Art in Bloom Exhibition sponsored by the Margaret Acheson Stuart Society  is Thursday March 28 through Monday, April 1, 2019. This year the theme is Ikebana!  Our Chapter has been invited to provide large standing arrangements at the Luncheon on Friday, March 29 and  Banmi Shofu, Ichiyo, Ikenobo and Sogetsu Schools will participate.  The luncheon Speaker is Elaine Jo, a Master of the Ichiyo School!

Click here for the Invitation with full details and the Luncheon Reservation Form.


March 23, 2019  The Ichiyo Spring Demonstration in Washington, DC by our very own Jeanne Houlton, Ichiyo Master, was a great success.  The pictures below may be a helpful introduction to our April 15 Program, Highlights of Ichiyo School.  Take a look! Click on the thumbnail to enlarge.


October 7 – 14, 2018  The Art of Ikebana Exhibit will be featured inside the “At Home with Craft” show at the Florida Crafts Art Gallery.  The exhibit will feature fresh flower designs by members of our Ikebana International St. Petersburg Chapter and a demonstration by one of our Teachers, Ichiyo Ikebana Artist, Kathy LaDuke!

Sunday, Oct 7:      1 pm     Ikebana opening reception
                                    2 pm     Ikebana demonstration by Kathy LaDuke 

The Florida Crafts Art Gallery is located at 501 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg.


Japan Fest Atlanta 2018!

There was a terrific Ikebana exhibit by the Ichiyo School at the Japan Fest Atlanta 2018 held Sep 15-16, 2018 at the Infinite Energy Center. The arrangements are wonderful…..especially so because they’re all done by students – not masters of the technique. Check them out here!


The European Ikebana International Regional Conference!

In August, 2018, Ichiyo Iemoto Designate Naohiro Kasuya was the demonstrator for the European Ikebana International regional conference held last week in Bruges, Belgium.

To see more pictures of the Iemoto-designate’s creations in a unique cathedral setting, click here.

Following the meeting, extraordinary creations by the members were exhibited. 

Click here for those remarkable photos!