Related Activities

October 7 – 14, 2018  The Art of Ikebana Exhibit will be featured inside the “At Home with Craft” show at the Florida Crafts Art Gallery.  The exhibit will feature fresh flower designs by members of our Ikebana International St. Petersburg Chapter and a demonstration by one of our Teachers, Ichiyo Ikebana Artist, Kathy LaDuke!

Sunday, Oct 7:      1 pm     Ikebana opening reception
                                    2 pm     Ikebana demonstration by Kathy LaDuke 

The Florida Crafts Art Gallery is located at 501 Central Avenue in St. Petersburg.


The European Ikebana International Regional Conference!

In August, 2018, Ichiyo Iemoto-Shi Naohiro Kasuya was the demonstrator for the European Ikebana International regional conference held last week in Bruges, Belgium.

To see more pictures of the Iemoto-designate’s creations in a unique cathedral setting, click here.

Following the meeting, extraordinary creations by the members were exhibited. 

Click here for those remarkable photos!