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Banmi Shofu-ryū is a relatively new school of Ikebana founded in 1962 by Bessie Yoneko Banmi Fooks, the first Generation Headmaster (Iemoto). Though she received her title in Japan, Iemoto Fooks began her teachings in Tainan, Taiwan, continuing to exhibit and demonstrate her works around the world for over 50 years. She often used driftwood to connect her designs with their living spirit, and thus, driftwood is an element common to most Banmi Shofu Ryu creations.

Before her passing, Iemoto 16__Ric_Bansho_SenseiFooks named Dr. Ricardo Bansho Carrasco as the 2nd Generation Headmaster (Iemoto) of Banmi Shofu Ryu.   Bansho Ric-Sensei resides in Central Florida and has provided a rich presence to the Chapter #65 meetings and demonstrations. He has published many books, including Driftwood & Flowers, Telling Stories through Flowers, Banmi Shofu Ryu: From Samurai Beginnings to Contemporary Designs, and Banmi Shofu Ryu Kaden.

The mission of Banmi Shofu Ryu is to support, develop and promote  recognition of the School as well as friendships across the globe. Both strive to be aligned with 16th century traditions and to evolve with contemporary times.

The vision handed down by Bessie Banmi Fooks and shared by Dr. Ric Bansho Carrasco sees Banmi Shofu Ryu as an ikebana school with a distinct kado (way of the flowers).   This is practiced, taught, and exhibited to promote competence, tranquility, enlightenment and friendships through flowers and driftwood.  It is recognized across the globe and is always guided by kaden from the founding Samurai.

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