Ichiyo leaf logo

Ichiyo means “One Leaf” in Japanese and refers to the logo of the school. Ichiyo was founded in 1937 by a brother and a sister, Meikof and Ichiyo Kasuya. The concept in the school is to teach students to make arrangements that fit the environment in which it is displayed and to express the individual’s emotions and character.

Arrangements of the Ichiyo School arouse our senses in a different way from traditional Ikebana, giving the viewer an unexpected, stimulating and profound experience with nature.

Ichiyo School encourages personal interpretation and imagination and is considered as essential to creative designs as materials and containers. “If flower arranging is to be truly fulfilling, it should be a reflection of oneself.” Imagination and feeling are as essential parts of creative design as well as the proper selection of materials and containers. It is not just flowers in a vase; it is an art of human communication.

The current Iemoto was born in 1947 and is the son of Meikof Kasuya and is one of the best known contemporary Ikebana artists. He was the first Iemoto to specialize in no kenzan techniques by balancing materials and bringing materials and containers together in a cooperative position.

Naohiro Iemoto Designate, Iemoto and Jeanne Houlton
Naohiro Iemoto Designate, Iemoto and Jeanne Houlton, President of Chapter 65, 2016-2017

Images of Ichiyo School Arrangements:  These examples of Ichiyo School designs were created by Sensei Jeanne Houlton and seven of her students!

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