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Unshin Ohara founded the Ohara School in the late nineteenth century after Japan opened to the Ohara.5influence of western culture. He developed a new style of arranging on a horizontal plane in his low bowl container, the suiban. In this new Moribana style he was able to express the beauty of nature and incorporate the short stemmed, colorful flowers arriving from the western world. Both the arrangement and container were adopted by many schools and the modern age of Ikebana began. Today the Ohara School has many forms and styles of arranging including Hana–isho, Hana-kanade, Hanamai, Heika, Rimpa, Bunjin as well as Moribana.

The Ohara School respects the natural growth of plant material in its classic styles with particular emphasis on the seasons. Thus, it is known as a naturalistic school. Students are encouraged to study nature in order to bring harmony among the materials, container and setting.

Hiroki Ohara
Hiroki Ohara

Our current and fifth Headmaster is Hiroki Ohara, great-great grandson of Unshin Ohara. He has written that “(o)ur School’s ikebana is not meant to be merely decorative. We take a life form called flowers and recreate their living space. The resulting arrangements must express the beauty and variations of life for others to see. This is the essence of Ohara School ikebana.”

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