Exhibition Sign Up

59th Annual Exhibition 2021 Sign Up Sheet

“Blooms on Zoom” – A Virtual Exhibition

February 1 & 2: Arrangement Set-up & Photography

Zoom Meeting to View Photographed Arrangements: Saturday, March 20th 2 pm

Maximum Arrangement Size: 30″ x 30″

This year we ask that you please make one arrangement not to exceed 30″ in height or width. Our photographer, Dale Leifeste will also prepare our photos and slide show for our virtuall presentation. Please make an arrangement representative of your school of study.

Arrangement photos from home must be sent to Dale @ fotodale33@gmail.com by Monday, February 1st. Also please be sure to send a selfie.

Those arranging at the Garden Club will be assigned a date ( Feb. 1 or Feb. 2) and time as soon as we receive your responses.

Please complete the form below.