Ginza — Ikebana Equipment for Sale
Ginza is the name of a famous shopping district in Toyko.  Used here, however, it refers to our “small shop” available to members to supply some of their ikebana tools and materials.

Our Ginza is open at most meetings before the meeting starts and during lunch.
We also have a Ginza at the annual Exhibition.

We carry hasami (scissors) and kensans (pin holders / frogs).
We sometimes have nearly new or used containers contributed by members.
We can order specific new containers for members from a supplier in California.

At our November meeting, any member can have a table of Ikebana goods for sale and donate 25% of their sales to the Ginza.
Make arrangements with Bet Groshong at

The art of Ikebana is a legacy handed down from sensei (teacher) to student, generation to generation. So, too, are the containers in which we work and learn this unique skill. When you are ready to pass on one or more of your containers through our Ginza, please consider writing down what you know about the piece: Where you acquired it, any special memories attached to it, how long you had it, etc. This basic information written on a piece of paper serves as the provenance for our cherished containers and is an extra gift to their new owners. They will add to it and continue to preserve the details of its journey for new ikebana students who come after us!