Ikebana Ichiyo Teacher Gail Newman

Ichiyo School Teacher

Gail Newman


Look at Nature in New Way

Ikebana Ichiyo Teacher Gail Newman

Style: Private or group lessons, you can bring your own materials or I can order and purchase for you
Location: At my house in Venice, FL
Class Schedule:  Based on student requests and teacher availability

Junior Master

I was introduced to ikebana in 2005 at an exhibition at a book store. I was so captivated with this art form that I immediately joined the local Ikebana International chapter and began lessons. Currently I split my time between Rochester, NY and Venice, FL. where I teach from November to May.  I love sharing my ikebana knowledge with my students. Ikebana has taught me to look at nature in a new way and to appreciate all seasons, even autumn with its crinkled leaves and winter with its bare branches that can give an arrangement such beautiful structure.



Teaching in the Venice, FL area