Ikebana Ichiyo Teacher Pat Carey

Ichiyo School Teacher

Pat Carey


Flower Arranging - An Expression of One's Self

Style: Group or private lessons
Location:  Tampa, Florida
Class Schedule: Based on teacher availability and student request

Associate Master

Although I am a native of Connecticut, I love Florida, where I now live.   I have immersed myself in the Ichiyo school philosophy, which embraces the expression of oneself in flower arranging, within the guidelines of the school.  Ichiyo is a modern school, founded in 1937, which changes with the times.  Arrangements can be suitable for any environment.  

In St. Petersburg my arrangements have been shown at Art in Bloom at the Museum of Fine Arts, Imagine Museum and Florida Craft Art. I am past President of Honeysuckle Garden Circle in Tampa, Florida, and have presented a program on Ikebana with an emphasis on Ichiyo flower arranging to Moonlight Garden Circle.


Teaching in the Tampa, FL area

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