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Eager to Travel? Here is a trip you surely will not forget! The 15th Asian Regional Conference is scheduled for November 16th to 19th, 2020 in Hyderabad, India. Tap your friends and plan to represent us at a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Here is all you need to know: Hyderabad 2020


Ikebana International Philadelphia Chapter 71 is hosting their Annual Luncheon and Demonstration “Autumn Inspirations” featuring Jose Salcedo, 1st Term Master of the Ohara School.  Save the date for Thursday, September 26, 9AM-2PM, with Workshops on Friday, September 27, 2019.  This would make a marvelous trip to see the leaves change and enjoy Autumn!

The 18th North & Central American Regional Conference, hosted by Dallas Chapter 13 and Fort Worth Chapter 38 will take place Sunday, October 27 – Thursday, October 31, 2019 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, in the heart of Downtown Dallas and the Arts District!  The theme is “Grow Ikebana!” So, grab your best buddies and plan to make this a shared trip of learning and great fun.  Registration is available on their website.There will be many workshops and demonstrations and you are sure to find something delightful!

Professor Senko Ikenobo, Professor Manabu Noda as well as Professor Yoshiko LeSage will represent Ikenobo.
Soho Sakai, Riji and Kika Shabata, Riji will be representing Sogetsu.
Professor Jose Salcedo will be representing Ohara.
Master Elaine Jo will be representing Ichiyo.

  It is noteworthy that Ilse Beunen, Sogetsu Somu, has been added to the roster of 18th NCARC workshops.  She will be doing two Sogetsu workshops for Conference registrants. 


Following the Seminar in Honolulu, Jeanne flew on to Japan where she found these astounding fields of Moss Phlox on the less frequently visited island of Hokkaido.  We’ll all remember that the Phlox bloom in May if we have the chance to visit this gorgeous site!

While most of us were sweltering in Florida’s May heat, Jeanne Houlton attended the North American Sogetsu Seminar held in Honolulu, Hawai‘i on May 12-16, 2019. There she watched Iemoto Akane Teshigarhara create beautiful arrangements which she forwarded for sharing on our website.  While the white washed out a bit, most are still terrific glimpses of another true Iemoto!


Although we missed it, the 60th Anniversary of the Ohara School occurred in 2018.  The arrangements below are by the current and fifth Headmaster, Hiroki Ohara.  He is the great-great grandson of Unshin Ohara and has written that “(o)ur School’s ikebana is not meant to be merely decorative. We take a life form called flowers and recreate their living space. The resulting arrangements must express the beauty and variations of life for others to see. This is the essence of Ohara School ikebana.”  Congratulations to our Ohara School members on continuing such a beautiful legacy!

Ichiyo School

Check out the Ichiyo Highlights from the 9th European Regional Conference that occurred in August, 2018 right here!  There are some stunning designs that will take your breath away…  If you have links to other schools from this Conference, please let me know.  We’ll be glad to post them for everyone as they are a wonderful source of inspiration!