Ikebana Sogetsu Teacher Barbara Goss

Sogetsu School Teacher

Barbara Goss


bring joy to your life - Study Ikebana

Style: Group or online lessons
Location:  St Petersburg, Florida
Class Schedule: Email me

Study ikebana for a month or years– it will have a joyful impact on your life experience.


Second Jonin Somu

I’m a native of Jamestown, NY, but my husband and I traveled extensively spending  5 years in Europe and 6 years in Tokyo.  I began studying Sogetsu ikebana the month after we arrived in Japan and continued all the years we lived there.  A truly special time for me was while I served on the Ikebana International Headquarters Board as Chapter Director which gave me the opportunity to meet the iemotos of the leading schools of ikebana. When we moved to Clearwater in 1965, I joined the  St. Petersburg I.I. chapter and have served many times as Program Chair, Exhibition Chair, and President.  I enjoy teaching ikebana and have found students of ikebana to be interested, interesting, talented and inquisitive.

Teaching in St. Petersburg, FL and Online

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