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Ikebana International North and Central America Region

The North and Central American Region (NCAR) is the largest region of seven regions within Ikebana International, reaching from Canada to the Panama Canal.  Its Regional Advocate Committee seeks to strengthen  NCAR chapters through engagement, communication and knowledge sharing. Visit the website to review resources available to board members, sensei, and chapter members.

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Resources for Photographing Your Arrangements

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iwaya fund

The Ikebana Iwaya Fund (IIF) is an IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit organization established in 2006 to promote and support ikebana related activity in North America.  It seeks to educate the general public and foster the growth of ikebana through collaboration and financial support of organizations with this shared mandate. The Iwaya Fund is built with public donations, both general and specific. The Estate of Sumako Iwaya is matching these donations into the Endowment Fund.  The dividend income generated by its permanent Endowment Fund is used to disburse as grants to its stakeholders (I.I. chapters, ikebana study groups, schools and teachers).