October 20 
Kashimon Dojo | Eustis, FL (located NW of Orlando)
The Kashimon Dojo has built a traditional Japanese 6.5 tatami  tea room with tokonoma and nijiri-guchi to host Tea Ceremony Classes and certification. Classes are beginning in October 2019 and will be held every 2 months. The Aim of this course of study is licensure of the various levels of Tea Ceremony. Class size is limited-Sign up today!
The study of chado will help students not only to broaden their understanding of Japanese culture, but also to enrich their daily lives by providing values that are very much needed in today’s world. These include consideration and thoughtfulness for others; awareness of nature and the seasons; and the cultivation of discretion, gracefulness, and a spirit of hospitality. The certification coursework will be composed of week long or weekend intensives at various times per year in order to reach a tenable level.

For more information and to contact the Kashimon Dojo through their website, click here.