Demonstration, Luncheon and Workshops
Thursday, March 13, 2024
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Janet Knowlton

Master, Ichiyo School of Ikebana

Janet Knowlton has studied Ichiyo ikebana for over 35 years; she first started when she moved to Tokyo for her husband’s job in 1986 and earned her master Teacher Certificate in 2009. Ikebana has been a wonderful creative outlet and a source of many friendships over the years as she has taught, demonstrated, and promoted the art of ikebana. With many moves around the world, Janet has been a member of over eight different Ikebana International chapters and is currently a member of Detroit #85. Janet studied with the Ichiyo Headmaster Akihiro Kasuya, has assisted Ichiyo Headmaster Naohiro Kasuya, and is the Director of the Ichiyo Branch for the Greater Chicago area. She currently teaches from her ikebana studio in Ann Arbor MI.