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If you love flowers, nature and their wondrous beauty, this is the place for you!  Studying in the traditions of Japan’s revered schools of flower arranging, our Chapter also enjoys the culture and history of Japan.  We welcome you to join us, seek new learning, refine your skills, and enjoy the kindred spirit that we cherish!

What Is Ikebana?

Ikebana (ee-kay-bah-nah) is the Japanese word for the art of Japanese flower arranging. A free translation might be “bringing flowers to life.” Ikebana arrangements capture nature through the designer’s eyes and provide uniquely beautiful glimpses of something magical. It is an art form that will challenge your creativity!

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Annual Exhibition 2022

Thanks for visitng our Annual Exhibition. Find the photos of your favorites here.

A Message From Our 2021-2022 President

Welcome to Our Future! As we prepare to start our new Ikebana year, I first want to thank all of you for your willingness in the past year to participate in new and very unfamiliar ways. I also want to extend that appreciation to our NCAR Advocates for their quick action in providing our Ikebana Chapters with the videos we have enjoyed watching during our time of Zoom communication. And to our own team of creative members, thank you for all you efforts in making demos, organizing an Exhibition, a Ginza event, and finding a new meeting place. Our new beginning will start with an in-person meeting in September at the Garden Club. Our Exhibition is scheduled, and we have a special guest coming to our January meeting. Please watch this website for all the exciting events coming your way in our 2021-2022 IKEBANA YEAR! I am honored to be your president.

Mary Maloof

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