Ikebana Ichiyo Teacher Jeanne Houlton In Florida

Ichiyo School Teacher

Jeanne Houlton


Come to Class as Often as you Can

Ikebana Ichiyo Teacher Jeanne Houlton

Style: Group, private or online lessons
Location:  My studio in St. Petersburg, FL
Class Schedule: Typically Sunday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. Also teaching at Ichiyo School Chapter meetings. All levels of students welcomed to classes as teaching is individualized to student’s need.

Master Ichiyo Teacher

Ikebana Ichiyo Master Teacher, Jeanne Houlton, born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, is now living and teaching Ichiyo ikebana in St. Petersburg, Florida after retiring from her job at  DFS/San Francisco corporate office as fashion merchandise manager for an international retailer.  She started ikebana in Hawaii in 1969 and restarted in Sarasota in 1994. She currently studies with Ichiyo Iemoto Naohiro Kasuya. She has demonstrated for 10 Ikebana chapters and represented North America at the 10th world convention.

Teaching in St. Petersburg, FL area and Online

Ichiyo Arrangements by Jeanne Houlton and Students

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