Ikebana Sogetsu Teacher Aimee Jackson

Sogetsu School Teacher

Aimee Jackson


Growing Individual Style and Expression

Style: Group and private lessons
Location:  My home and Park St. Station in St. Petersburg, Florida
Class Schedule: Private by appointment.
Park St. Station – Thursdays Twice Monthly
Beginners – 1-3 pm
Advanced – 10 am-12 pm
Email to reserve a spot.


Jonin Sanyo Sogetsu Teacher

I have studied Sogetsu ikebana since 2011. I am an artist with formal education and practice in fine arts and design and that is my approach to creating and teaching. Beginners learn the basic structural forms, gain familiarity with characteristics and selection of natural materials, then practice control and modification with mechanical techniques. Eastern aesthetics and concepts of space are emphasized with a learned practice of solid design principles. Advanced sections explore fresh design-based themes that challenge the imagination and inspire creativity.  Artistic expression should reflect the spirit and beliefs of the times and that is integral to Sogetsu ikebana. Found, altered, or self-made objects are often part of what we use as part of artistic expression and then,  of course, we have the ceaselessly amazing world of branches and flowers. While always adhering to Sogetsu principles, the development and growth of individual style and expression are central.


Ongoing Classes in
St. Petersburg, FL Area

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